Community came together to create march

On behalf of the Women’s March on Homer, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the women, men and children who made this march a peaceful, nonpartisan event. Six weeks ago, when we began organizing, our goal was 100 participants. On Sautuday, Jan. 21, we were astounded with an estimated 1,000 people who came to make their voices heard that women’s rights are human rights. Our march was truly an inclusive one, reflecting the diversity of our community. We all came together to speak loudly for liberty and justice for all.

Awesome Foundation truly awesome

We’d like to give our highest gratitude to the Alaska Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for supporting Homer’s own Youth On Record Alaska (YORAK) program with a $1,000 check last week to buy two new laptops which puts the best equipment out there in the hands of teens. The application was so user-friendly and the quick turn-around was impressive. We’re so happy to be selected as a program which others believe in as much as we do.

Thank you, Rotary Club

Recently we had a friend visit from Rotary Club of Downtown Homer to drop off some holiday treats for teens at the R.E.C. Room and to check in on what young people are needing right now. I mentioned that we’re getting short on taxi vouchers which help alleviate the stress that transportation can cause for those who cannot drive, are low on funds, do not have their own car, or could just use some help from time to time accessing programs, appointments, meetings, job interviews or whatever comes up in the busy lives of teens.

Plans will help protect special places

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust would like to thank the Willow Fund and the Cottonwood Fund, donor-advised funds through the Homer Foundation, for the grant support we received supporting our work with The Foraker Group. The focus of this important work, Building on Our Needs, was to create a new strategic plan, business plan, as well as fund development and marketing and communications plans. The funds received were a match for the Land Trust Alliance’s grant program. These new plans will guide us as we move forward, continuing to protect special places on the Kenai Peninsula — forever.

Food pantry counts its blessings

A new year is here and there is so much to be thankful for at the Honer Community Food Pantry.

Many thanks to the Homer Foundation for the $250 People’s Choice Award given to support our mission to feed those in need. It went toward our Christmas special purchase of turkeys. We continue to be blessed by the Homer Foundation and are most grateful for their support.

Letters to the Editor 20161229

State, nation could accomplish

more if leaders followed Seaton

Referencing the Dec. 15 article GOP sanctions Seaton, others:

Back in the 1960s we saw bumper stickers “My country right or wrong” and “Love it or leave it” — some people did leave. It was a divided time filled with turmoil not unlike our present time. Therefore, it was refreshing to see someone take the courage to reach out across the aisle and help form a bipartisan coalition in the Alaskan House.

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 22, 2016

Did Democrats start rumors about Russians hacking election?

Point 1: Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth.

Point 2: The truth is what I say it is.

The Democratic Party is now saying the Russians are the ones who got Trump elected. See points 1 and 2! The Democratic Party cannot accept defeat, they are poor losers. That is a fact.

Quite possibly, the Democratic Party started the rumor of Russians “hacking” the presidential election all by themselves. See point 2.

Are the movie stars really going to move to Canada now?

Family movie event big hit

The first Family Christmas movies event at Homer Theater on Dec. 8 was a big success. Thanks to Colleen and the crew at Homer Theater and sponsored by Reliable Comfort Insulation, who’s wife, another Colleen, came up with the idea. Lots of people showed up with kids, in spite of chilly weather, and all had fun watching classic holiday cartoons.

Also, thanks to the donated door prizes. Let’s make this an annual Christmas event. You can’t pass up free movies — especially with kids.

“Uncle Wes” Schacht

All of us can help make a difference

I often hear how this “whack a mole” world is simply overwhelming and I completely understand and relate. There is so much to do and, as one person, with limited time and resources, it often feels like we are but a drop in an ocean. There are, however, a couple of simple things that we all can do to stand against the overwhelming political and corporate machine that seems to be coming at us at times like a tsunami.

Drain the swamp; drain the muskeg

With the results of the recent election, I hope and pray that draining the swamp will help make America great again. We Alaskans have some very dirty water in our muskeg and we need to let our elected officials know that they will have to work diligently and across party lines to save our state from the financial crisis we are in.

Work continues in Homer to eliminate violent behavior

My heart goes out to the Palmer family and community shocked by their tragic loss of a young life. A few years ago a preventable event brought the community of Homer together to address the behavior of violence. The work continues today.

Green Dot Alaska trainers are educating the community on safe bystander intervention. The City of Homer employees and police officers, Homer High and Flex students and teachers, as well as bartenders, civic groups, businesses and individuals have all been trained. You have made a difference. Thank you.

Letters to the Editor

Another successful Nutcracker Faire

ushers in Homer’s holiday season

Homer Council on the Arts ushered in 2016 holiday season with another tremendous Nutcracker Faire. We heard so many compliments from both vendors and attendees that the Faire was one of the best experiences in decades.

As HCOA’s board and staff, we want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. We extend a huge shout out to our Kenai Peninsula artists for your effort and hours of preparation that provide a variety of wares and an abundance of creativity.

Letters to the Editor

Assembly should start meetings

with some silent contemplation

Dear Members of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly,

As you once again will be visiting the policy on invocations I would like to put in my two cents’ worth.

Many help to make beautiful music

The Preludes Steering Committee and first grade class at Paul Banks wish to thank the businesses and individuals who provided us with a beautiful birch plywood storage cabinet to store our violins. Spenard Building Supply gave us a generous discount on lumber and supplies necessary to build the storage cabinet; Conrad Schaad donated the cost for lumber and supplies; Derek Bynagle donated many hours to build the cabinet; and Amso’s Carpets donated carpet to line the shelves.

Liberals show true colors

The true color of liberals come out when they don’t get their way. I have been flipped off more times than I can count because of who I supported for president, by people you would think are responsible adults. Come to find out they aren’t adults — just overgrown snowflakes who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Hillary supporters are obviously just as crooked as she is because they have been stealing yard signs and causing hate and unrest.

Girl Scouts enjoy wonders of bay

This fall Homer area Girl Scouts had an awesome opportunity to make a trip across the bay to Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies’ Peterson Bay Field Station. It is with deep appreciation to the May Benson Charitable Fund, the KLEPS Fund, and the Homer Foundation for making it possible for us to offer scholarships and reduced costs so that no girl was turned away. Thank you also to Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Mako’s Water Taxi and True North Kayak for discounts that allowed local Girl Scouts to experience the wonders of our precious Kachemak Bay.

Against Trump appointment

I just left messages at the offices of Senator Murkowski (202-224-6665), Senator Sullivan (202-224-3004), and Representative Young (202-225-5765), urging them to speak out against President Elect Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as his top advisor. Steve Bannon made his news site Breitbart a platform for white supremacists. He has made antisemitic statements and has supported sexual predators, and been accused of domestic violence.

Bipartisanship: the Alaska way

Finally, a group of state legislators is really going to get to work on a sustainable fiscal plan to get our state out of the dire financial mess we are in. This is wonderful news! These Alaskans — Republicans, Independents and Democrats — will be in the caucus working together to solve our state’s huge budget problem.

Seaton working for better future

Paul Seaton is a problem solver. He has been working tirelessly to tackle our state’s fiscal challenges. Early in the process, he took the time to gather informed input from any Alaskan willing to take the time to give it.

In this time of them-and-us mentality, when attempted manipulation and intimidation abound, Paul Seaton has sought fair and balanced solutions that will require something from all of us and in return will strengthen Alaska’s fiscal future for all of us.

He has my admiration and enthusiastic support.


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