This photo by COASST volunteer Carol Harding shows a dead and tagged murre found Aug. 22 on the Homer Spit. Volunteers tag dead birds to show they’ve been counted but otherwise leave the birds alone — something scientists recommend for beach walkers who find dead birds.

Seabird deaths, warm oceans, algal blooms puzzle scientists  updated 8:18am

A series of unusual ocean events in Kachemak Bay, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest has scientists wondering if warming oceans are causing everything from harmful algal blooms to seabird die-offs. ... Read More

Almost Finished 08/27/15

The state project shoring up the huge coastal erosion feature north of Anchor Point is wrapping up this week. This aerial image from Aug. 13 shows the sloping fill installed by...

Variety shapes culture of Spit 08/27/15

The vibrancy of the Spit depends on a mash-up of diverse elements and individuals: captains and slime liners, potters and biologists, Spit Rats and third-time cruise ship passengers,...


Low oil prices cut Alaska deep

On Monday, as the price of West Texas crude oil dipped below $39 per barrel for the first time in six years, state revenue commissioner Randall Hoffbeck told the Alaska House Finance Committee that the decline is exacerbating the state’s budget problems. The state’s budget is based on an average ...

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Rufus Wainwright performs Sunday

How does a musician born into a famous musical family craft his own voice? This Sunday, Homer can see and hear how Rufus Wainwright has done that when the singer-songwriter performs at the Mariner ...

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District restructures departments to save

Revisions to targeted operations are cutting costs for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. The pools, warehouse, transportation and Student Nutritional Service departments have been ...

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Mariners host Homer Invite Friday

Following a great performance at the Tsalteshi Invitational, the Mariners will host the Homer Invitational starting at 3 p.m. Friday. Although the Tsalteshi race doesn’t feature a lot of small ...

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Anglers should remember manners

One of the golden perks associated with writing this column is the cornucopia of remarkable posts that land in the R.E.I. gmail inbox.  Sometimes the missives are so colorful that their only ...

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Let’s make Homer a hunger-free zone

“You will have to eat bread and milk for dinner tonight,” she said every now and then.My mother wasn’t lazy. She birthed 11 children, eight of us at home and breast fed all of us. We lived on a ...

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