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Resolution divides community

The results of the recent presidential election left some in our nation in a state of shock, disbelief, appall, uncertainty, and even fear. Others were pleasantly surprised, jubilant, and sighed a breath of relief that the Washington elite were finally put on notice.

Names have deep roots

I have considerable reservations about Rep. Paul Seaton’s decision to join with Alaska House Democrats to form a coalition majority, but I’ve been overly critical of party disloyalty in the past and need to apologize especially to him for how I went about the matter of voicing my dissatisfaction. Please allow me to try again.

Resolve to connect with others more

Editor’s Note: MAPP, Mobilizing for Action through- Planning & Partnerships, is a local coalition that aims to use and build upon our strengths to improve our individual, family and community health. Health is defined broadly to include cultural, economic, educational, environmental, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Pay It Forward: Can we make Homer even better in the New Year by expressing thanks, supporting each other?

Coming to the end of 2016 before winter solstice and basking in a white, fluffy, snowy day as occasional sun rays glow through the clouds over Kachemak Bay, it’s impossible to not think of people in Homer who give tirelessly of themselves to make this a place special in this amazing geography.

Reflection at this time of year deepens and grounds us, a necessary thing before the earth tilts on its axis.

Nonprofit Needs list

Hospice of Homer needs a flat screen TV (newish, 26 inches to 32 inches) with DVD player; volunteers to move medical equipment — a truck would be great; a back-up person to clean medical equipment; a board member; an IT person to assist with data base and website; and supplies, including vertical file holders for a desk top and white copy paper

Contact: Darlene Hilderbrand at

Homer Head Start is in need of an office desk and shelving materials.

Proposed mine would hurt environment and Alaskans

We as Alaskans are faced with another potential problem. We are not just faced with a man, or woman, or political machine. We are faced with a mine. A mine that has the real possibility of destroying not only an environment and habitat for the natural world, but also a culture.

We have faced this foe before. More than 18,000 people publicly came out to oppose Pebble Mine in 2008. The scary part is that this mine may actually have more downsides to it than Pebble did.

Feeling connected key to one's health

Editor’s Note: MAPP, Mobilizing for Action throughPlanning & Partnerships, is a local coalition that aims to use and build upon our strengths to improve our individual, family and community health. Health is defined broadly to include cultural, economic, educational, environmental, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Tis the season for community. This is the time of year when families connect over the Nutcracker, friends collect over meals, and people are on call to help out neighbors or strangers when pipes freeze or a car goes off the road.

On food pantry's wish list: 12 things needed, but reluctantly requested

The food pantry has a drop-off tub on the east side at the bottom of the ramp at Homer United Methodist Church. It’s available seven days a week — just be aware of the weather at this time of year because some of the items that may freeze.

Otherwise, we arrive at 9 a.m. Mondays to set up and we’ll gladly receive any donations. We also can provide a tax receipt. We do ask that if you drop off items on a Monday, that you bring them in before noon so we can set them out for our clients who come through between 1 and 3 p.m.

Why Americans voted for Trump

The below is a collection of thoughts as to why the American people voted against Clinton and, ergo, Obama and his policies. Some thoughts are mine; many are from people I have talked with who wanted to share their reasons for voting Trump.

The American people don’t like being called nasty names by either the media, or politicians running for office. Calling the American people “deplorable,” “racist,” “homophobic” and other names alienated the American voter. This action motivated many people to vote for Trump.

Nonprofit Needs

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic needs standing desks or standing desk adapters, a small coffee table and a love seat or two small armchairs.

Contact: Catriona Reynolds at catriona@kbfpc.org

Special Olympics needs floor hockey partners (practices will be from 3-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Dec. 1); a media person; and fundraising committee members.

Contact: Carol Shuler at 399-2500 or

Library sparks lifelong love of learning in children by introducing opportunities

During a recent visit to the Homer Public Library, a Paul Banks kindergarten class took over the children’s room. Many in the group were already familiar with the space thanks to storytimes and regular visits with family members to check out books or DVDs. For others, this visit was not just fun, but also a vital introduction to the many opportunities that the library offers.

Nonprofit needs for October

Editor’s Note: Every month to accompany the Pay It Forward column, which is coordinated by The Homer Foundation, the Homer News runs a list of needs from area nonprofits. If you see a need you can fill, we encourage you to contact the agency and help pay it forward.


KBC’s Adult Basic Education Program needs volunteer tutors. Volunteers individually tutor adult students under the staff supervision. Students include new English language learners and GED candidates. Flexible schedule.


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