The Lovely Bones

Sebold speaks on writing: Embrace chaos

For her keynote address at the start of this year’s Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference, writer Alice Sebold titled her talk, “Guts, Glory and Absolute Confusion: Embracing the Chaos of the Creative Process.” She just as easily could have called it, “Godzilla, Nerds and Trauma,” for that was the territory she strayed into.

After Kachemak Bay Campus director Carol Swartz introduced her, Sebold said before the conference she had asked Swartz if keynote speakers ever played fast and loose with their address titles. 

Writer overcomes dyslexia by playing with words like they were objects

Crack open the cover of any of the three books written by Alice Sebold, the keynote speaker of this year’s Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference, and there’s no turning back. At least not without a backward glance and wondering what you missed. Without question, Sebold has mastered the power of getting readers’ attention from the get-go. 

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