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Story last updated at 4:56 PM on Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Burly-Q Debut a smashing success

The Bait & Tassels, Homer's first burlesque troupe, would like to extend their sincere gratitude to those volunteers who made our Burly-Q Debut a smashing success.Thank you to creative visionary, Kari Multz. To Heidi Jo and Johnny B, both crowd and performers savored your musical talents and on stage presence.

Thank you so Jill and Breezy Berryman for allowing our troupe to use the Art Barn as a rehearsal space, it was key.Thank you to Bunnell Street Arts Center's staff, Asia Freeman and Adele Groning, for time, efforts and legs.Thank you, Cherish McCallum,and her lovely assistant,generous,expert make-up artists.

Also a thanks to a few of Bunnell's board members: Anne-Margaret Wimmerstedt, Carla Klinker Cope, Gaye Wolfe and Sam Smith and Rika Mouw, who helped tremendously both on and behind the scenes. Thank you to Pat McNary, who constructed our dependable trapeze support.Thank you for the performers of Viva-Voom Brrlesque, of Anchorage, not only for the extremely informative workshop in October, but also the inspiration. Thank you to Kathleen Guftsason for your invaluable burlesque insight. Thank you to our very first venue: Alice's Champagne Palace.Cindy, you and your staff provided excellent service that allowed both us and our audience to feel sexy and taken care of.

And most of all, a heartfelt thank you to our two audiences.Your incredible energy ignited us performers. The efforts of you, the volunteers, and the Bait & Tassels yielded a strong donation to one of the best non-profit galleries in the state, Bunnell Street Art's Center.The Bait & Tassels hope you all look forward to our next performance the sparkle has only just begun.

Brianna Allen