Story last updated at 6:41 p.m. Thursday, December 26, 2002

Balance necessary
Last week's diatribe aimed at the Community Rivers Planning Coalition clearly demonstrates the crux of the problem most average citizens have today. For the vast majority, we are hard-working, honest, taxpaying folk who are most interested in family, friends and minding our own business. We try to pay attention to our jobs so we can focus on our families and recreation when we are not working. Unfortunately, we have no representation, even though we are the majority.

We have a two-party system, Democrat and Republican, within which all subcategories reside (i.e. Green, AIP, I, etc.). Between the two parties there is no attempt at balance. Nowhere will you find conservative, or at least any semblance of the true meaning.

Webster defines conservative thusly: "One who desires to maintain existing institutions and customs; also, one who holds moderate opinions in politics; -- opposed to revolutionary or radical." Conservatism is defined: "A political philosophy or attitude emphasizing respect for traditional institutions, distrust of government activism, and opposition to sudden change in the established order."

On the one hand we have the wacked (radical) left stealing away our rights and freedoms attempting to force us to be and think like them through government activism. On the other, we have the wacked (radical) right that doesn't give a rip about other people's rights or our environment.

Oh, I am sorry for using the term "wacked." I realize that Bob would like us to get beyond the term. To get beyond it though, we must first understand it. Webster defines wacko as: "A person regarded as eccentric or irrational."

I would add to that that a wacko is one (or a group) who attempts to subvert the will of the people to advance their cause without the benefit of sound science or in spite of facts, or attempts to force others to adopt their philosophy. So, if one wishes to get beyond the term, stop acting like one. It's that easy.

CRPC was an attempt to bring balance to the forces surrounding us. However, because the vast majority of us have regular jobs and families to support and attend to, and because we are mostly not inclined to use our valuable time trying to stay up with the latest encroachment by one wacked side or the other, and because we don't have the financial resources to battle those encroachments, we had to obtain the funding to assist and facilitate from somewhere.

Unfortunately, this forced us to be aligned with some undesirable entities, such as Alaska Conservation Foundation and the federal government. The bottom line is this, though. If the wacko left and right weren't trying to do everything in their power to destroy all that we the silent, non-represented majority hold dear, then we wouldn't have needed to organize yet another entity to try to protect ourselves.

And of course it is a failed attempt. Not because of the people involved, but rather because, no matter how many times balance is introduced, recognition fails. For one reason. Self, of which greed is a derivative.

I mean, think about it. Have you ever asked yourself why there are 40 dozen environmental organizations located right here in our little area, all with full-time employees working 40 hours a week and more to take away our rights, each entity sucking up taxpayer dollars to fund themselves, when one would suffice? How else are they going to obtain sources of income for that many individuals?

And of course, all the industrialists can think about is their wallets, regardless of who they step on in their pursuit to fill it.

We are charged with the daunting task of providing good stewardship of our resources. This takes clear thinking, logic, facts, sound science and balance. And people willing to step outside of their "selfs."

Balance, Dudes and Dudettes, balance.

Duane Christensen