Story last updated at 6:40 p.m. Thursday, December 26, 2002

Business should be nurtured
How disheartening that council member Rick Ladd and Mayor Jack Cushing think they should discourage any big businesses such as Fred Meyer from opening a store in Homer. The moratorium they have placed on any large merchandisers building here partially because of aesthetic reasons is ludicrous. Show us any Fred Meyer store that does not have sidewalks, curbs and asphalt parking and landscaping.

Seems that any time there could be an improvement around this town, such as the Wildlife Museum, it gets voted down, and then merchandisers complain that there are not as many cruise ships in the summer. Seward gets all the action for that decision.

The drive to the Homer Spit -- as long as you do not look to the left on the way to the boat harbor. The tourists cannot believe the looks of the Homer Spit and all the junk. It is a disgrace, and these gurus worry about aesthetics?

It would be wonderful not to have to drive 80 to 120 miles to do extensive shopping, and a lot easier on the elderly, particularly in the winter. Homer should be welcoming a Fred Meyer store, not discouraging them, not to mention helping the local economy.

Re: council member Rose Beck wanting Homer to "keep the smalltown feel" -- then why did the city attempt annexation of 25 square miles under the process of legislative review, which does not give those affected any vote on the matter? Twenty-five square miles is not "a smalltown feel."

Maybe it would be wise to enforce your own city sanitary codes, police up your own back yards and do a better job of cleaning the downtown streets while looking for aesthetics.

J.P. Terrell