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Story last updated at 5:11 PM on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All we want for Christmas is ...

Dear Santa,

How are you, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer? We hope everyone is in fine shape because Christmas Eve will be here in a blink of an eye, and you've still got lots to do. When you check your list, not once, but twice, we sure hope you find that Homer's been plenty nice, because all we want for Christmas is:

1. Instead of visions of sugar plums, will you please have things like "jobs," "lower energy costs," "improved business environment," "necessary infrastructure," "state's energy policy," "shovel ready" dancing in Gov. Sean Parnell's head? Homer and Kachemak City could sure use that natural gas line, and we're prepared to pay our fair share. Would a lump of coal in the governor's Christmas stocking be too much to ask? It could serve as just a gentle reminder that natural gas is oh, so much cleaner to burn than Homer's beach coal and wet wood and a heck of a lot less expensive than diesel and propane.

2. Does Mrs. Claus have a good recipe for halibut allocation that includes enough halibut for everyone and good habitat for the halibut that she'd be willing to share? Maybe she could season that recipe with the wisdom to manage halibut well and peace and good will among all whose lifestyles and livelihoods center on halibut — as well as those of us who just like it for our Christmas dinner.

3. With all the treats we've been eating this holiday season, we're pretty desperate for a track in the new year. No offense, Santa, but we could all end up looking like you if we don't get enough exercise. The track would be a great community gift and would be used for lots of good causes, not to mention provide a safe place to walk and run.

4. Santa, we know you do what you do for the kids, and Homer kids really need your help finding a permanent home for the Boys and Girls Club. It would mean so much to so many.

5. If your elves are growing weary or just can't quite come up with the perfect gift for that special someone, we bet Homer merchants can help you. (In fact, if you haven't found gifts for the elves, why not shop right here in Homer for them?) It would be wonderful for our retailers to end 2011 with their cash registers ringing and jingling in the sweet sounds of success.

6. Santa, do you and your reindeer hit potholes in the sky as you travel at the speed of light — maybe even faster? Then, you'll understand why we need to get those potholes on Pioneer Avenue fixed once and for all. Is there some magic dust you could sprinkle over them? Maybe, there's an an app for that. If so, we could sure use it. It would make the perfect stocking stuffer.

7. Are you friends with the Weather Man? If so, will you please order up a little less rain and ice and a lot more snow and sunshine? After all, we want to use those skis, snowshoes, skates and snowmachines you'll be leaving under our trees.

8. We'd like to take a peek at your naughty and nice list. It seems Alaska legislators deserve to be in the nice category this year. If you have any political influence, continued bipartisan good will in next year's Legislature would be appreciated. And if there's a way that could rub off on the U.S. Congress, well, we'd all be grateful.

9. Here's a wish for safe travels for everyone traveling over the holidays — that includes DUI-free weekends for Christmas and the New Year.

10. Santa, we don't know how you'd wrap it or leave it under our tree, but peace on earth really is our heart's desire. And if that's not possible, how about the help we need to make our little corner of it as peaceful as possible?

Santa, Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. Don't let our list overwhelm you — we really don't want to sound greedy — because we know we have one of the best gifts of all: a strong community of good-hearted citizens who care deeply for each other.

Drive safely, Santa. And, again,

Merry Christmas to all

From all of us at the Homer News