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Story last updated at 5:02 PM on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trooper goes beyond call of duty

On Dec. 10, I was in a rollover accident on the Sterling Highway that Trooper Daniel Brom responded to. I would like to say that Trooper Brom did an excellent job; he was very professional, compassionate and helpful.

Trooper Brom told me that he had originally passed by where I exited the road because it looked as if someone had stopped before going off the road, backed up and driven on. But his intuition told him to turn around and investigate. Upon exiting his vehicle he heard me honking my horn. This was only 10 minutes after the accident.

I was trapped in the vehicle and believe that I would not have been able to get out by myself without his assistance. If he had not returned to the scene, I may have been there for a very long time before I would have been discovered. He helped me maneuver out of the vehicle, helped me up the embankment, which the tow company told me was 90 feet, and also retrieved some of my belongings that had been strewn all over. He even called my cell phone to locate that, which was discovered halfway down the embankment.

Yes, I know that he was doing his job, but I feel he went over and above his duty and I appreciate his diligence and commitment to his duty. The public hears so many stories of negative experiences with police agencies; I'm glad that I have a positive story to tell.

Darcey Tredway