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Story last updated at 7:04 PM on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All I want for Christmas is...

Santa doesn't have to wonder what the first-grade students in Wendy Todd's classroom at Paul Banks Elementary School want for Christmas. The youngsters' letters make it clear what's on their wish lists. And they aren't just thinking of themselves. There are inquiries about Mrs. Claus, concerns expressed about Santa's elves and even questions about Santa's longevity.

Dear Santa ...

My grandma has her decorations in the window now! If you have it, may I please have mocassins and a cheetah stocking hat please? How is Mrs. Claus? I am taking very good care of your elves.

Sincerely, Lawson Alexson-Walls

How do you stay alive forever? Can you please get me a macaroni penguin hat and a cardboard house? I love your elves.

Sincerely, Katrina Marshall

I like Rudolph. Can you please bring me Power Miner Legos?

From, AJ Smircich

I love Rudolph. Could I please have a fighter jet? Where were the elves born?

From, Christopher Thomas

I like how you ride your reindeer. I wish I could have nail polish. What do your reindeer do?

Love, Liberty Lee

I already have my Christmas tree up. Please may I have an alive pet horse? What do you eat? Please may I have an alive pet cat?

Love, Ava Newell

I hope you can come this time. Things that you may get me: grenade and DS games and IPOD and IPAD and a castle and a duplicate of me and a helium machine. Next Legos. What is your most favorite food?

Love, Ashton Brown

I like it how you go down the chimney. Could you make a snowmobile for me please? Could I fly your sleigh?

Love, Malachi Raymond

Christmas is my favorite holiday in the whole world. I do not know what I want for Christmas. What do you do when you are in the North Pole?

Love, Sydney Shelby

I like when you do the HO HO HO.

I want for Christmas a squinky and I

want anything. I like your chin.

From, Diane Lemieux-Pietrowski

What is it like in the North Pole?

I wish for a zinky set. My favorite thing is the donuts.

Love, Talli Dalke

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I want a kid jeep and a train set and blocks and pups and a new backpack and a teddy bear and a computer. Is it fun to have elves?

Love, Alana Prescott

HO!HO! HO! I like how you put presents. I want an American Girl Doll. How do you see at night?

Love, Charity Martin

I think Christmas is the best holiday. I want a video game called Pokeman White 2. How do your reindeer fly?

Love, William Bradshaw

Thank you for all the presents. Can you give Star Wars please? How are your reindeer doing?

From, Zavier Hayes

How are your reindeer? Can you please get me a snake and Pokeman Cards please? How much do you like your reindeer?

From, Izaac Stineff

I am maybe getting my cast off. I really want a dog. Can you please get me a cute animal?

From, Alaiyah Brost

I love Christmas. Can I please have for Christmas a stuff Rudolph? How do your reindeer fly?

Love, Hazel Pearson

I want six different sharks. Are you Rudolph mean to reindeer? Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Love, Justice Davidson

I got surgery done. When is Christmas going to be here? I want an ice cream cone!

From, Vince Neal