Story last updated at 2:58 p.m. Thursday, December 19, 2002

Teachers earn compensation
What would parents do if their children's teachers never gave positive reinforcement or grades that rewarded the hard work done by the students? Would parents feel good about having their children continue working in such an environment? Would the students be motivated to continue giving their best? Or would they lose heart, possibly to the point of leaving school?

School district employees feel much like those students would. We work hard, putting in many extra hours on evenings, weekends and holidays to provide the best possible learning environment for all children. We attend classes and workshops -- usually on our own time and at our own expense -- to stay current with the latest research and trends in education. We realize these sacrifices "come with the territory," but we would like to receive adequate recognition and compensation for the work we do.

Kathy Eller and Mary Perry


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