Story last updated at 2:58 p.m. Thursday, December 19, 2002

Green conspiracy at work
Anchor Pointers do not have to go far to find the environmentalist movement flexing their grant-funded muscle and spouting their forked-tongue philosophy. Right here in our own back yard, the Community Rivers and Planning Coalition, or CRPC as they are more commonly referred to, has embarked upon a campaign to indoctrinate area residents and ultimately control all of the Anchor River area park.

First, CRPC is helping to perpetuate the fear that comes every year or two when some state official threatens to shut down the Anchor River parks. Their hope is to manipulate this fear into a successful attempt to incorporate Anchor Point or establish a service area for the purpose of establishing a tax base that would support the park.

CRPC has made no secret that they wish to be the controlling entity of our park and its funding should the arrangement be made to manage the park privately. Secondly, CRPC, along with the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, a division of state government, will be helping to fund a Student Conservation Association intern that will devote 30 percent of his/her time to "environmental education."

This "environmental education" will include material developed and approved by CRPC to "assure that their (CRPC's) general philosophy was being upheld." A portion of commercial operator's fees, which is government money, will be used to fund this partially privatized position and the "environmental education" that will go along with it.

CRPC also hopes to establish a "physical presence at the Anchor River park, such as a small building" to house educational materials and equipment. CRPC also wants to begin "educational tours" from this building.

If CRPC wants to conduct "environmental education" it should be done with their own money, on their own property, and with their own employee. Be wary, Anchor Pointers. CRPC wants nothing more than to control environmental and conservation policy in our own back yard, while taxing us for doing it.

Doug Ruzicka, Anchor Point