Story last updated at 3:11 p.m. Thursday, December 12, 2002

Youth group grateful
On the weekend of Nov. 2, AYEA (Alaska Youth for Environmental Action), sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, conducted a successful fall Youth Environmental Leadership training. This would not have been possible without the burly support network Homer's community provides. We at HAYEA want to thank those who helped us make the Fall Training '02 happen.

Thanks to Sandy Cronland and Billy Day for providing a fantastic facility, Dale Banks of Cook Inlet Keeper for his presentation on water quality, and the Kachemak Bay Conservation Society for its constant support of HAYEA. Thanks also to Pam Brodie for her wonderful presentation on being a professional environmentalist, and to Paul Seaton for his esteemed guidance in civic-leadership.

Eagle Quality Center and Two Sisters Bakery both provided very generous donations. Thanks to Subway Sandwiches for providing us hungry environmentalists with a mountain of chow far above the normal standard. We love you, Deb!

I have barely begun listing those we wish to thank, and the letter has already gone on too long. This is a tribute to the community, and I want to thank all who have helped us thus far with funding, donations or otherwise. We cannot express how truly grateful we are.

On behalf of HAYEA,

Emma Brooks