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Story last updated at 2:45 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mariner skiers dominate at Homer Invite

BY Hal Spence
For the Homer News


Photographer: McKibben Jackinsky, Homer NewsPhoto provided

Mariner varsity skier Andre Lovett, 181, takes the lead in Saturday's mass start of the Homer Invite and holds it through the six-kilometer race, with a finish time of 16:46:1.

The nasty weather threatening to drench last weekend's skiing completion held off long enough to see the Homer Mariner boys' and girls' varsity ski teams take first place honors at the Homer Invitational on Friday and Saturday at Lookout Mountain.

Soldotna, Kenai and Skyview joined Homer in the varsity competition. Nikiski and Seward also competed, but only at the JV level.

Mariner senior Parker Sorenson took first in Friday's 3-kilometer classic race with a time of 9:03.7, followed by Dillon Jenson of Soldotna, at 9:08.1. The times of the top four finishers for each school are combined to determine the winning team.

In the classic, Homer skiers Andre Lovett (9:17.7), Dan Adickes (9:25.1) and Brian Rowe (9:44.6) finished third, fourth and seventh respectively. With Sorenson's time, the Homer boys posted a combined a 37:31 for the event. Soldotna was second at 40:04, Kenai third at 40:28 and Skyview fourth with a time of 45:59.

In the girls' classic, Bree Mucha of Soldotna, finished first with a time of 10:03.8. Second place went to Mariner senior Marie Schmidt who finished with a time of 11:13.9.

However, the Homer girls posted the fastest team time (46:53) as all four Mariners finished within the top six. Kaya Morelli was third at 11:17.3, Mady Gerard was fifth at 12:09.9, and Alaine Miller was sixth at 12:12.3. Kenai girls finished second with a combined time of 51:13, followed by Soldotna at 51:33 and Skyview at 1:00:16.

Those times carried over into Saturday and were combined with the results of the 6-kilometer skate-style races where Homer's Andre Lovett posted a first-place time of 16:46.1, and Homer's Brian Rowe (17:52.6), Kyle Wentz (17:58.4) and Dan Adickes (18:55.1) finished fifth, sixth and 10th respectively to give Homer the event win with a time of 1:11:32. Soldotna was second with a combined time for the skate event of 1:12:14, followed by Kenai at 1:12:27 and Skyview at 1:22:55.

Homer's combined two-day time of 1:49:03 earned the team first place honors for the meet. Soldotna was second at 1:52:17, Kenai third at 1:52:54, and Skyview fourth at 2:08:54.

In the girls' 6K, Soldotna's Mucha again finished first with a time of 18:19.3, followed by Schmidt of Homer at 20:35.8. But the Homer girls posted the best combined skate time of 1:28:10, as Mady Gerard finished fourth at 21:44.4, Emily Schmidt finished ninth at 22:41.6, and Alaine Miller 11th at 23:07.9.

Kenai was second with a combined 6K time of 1:31:23, Soldotna was third at 1:32:30 and Skyview fourth at 1:40:27.

Homer won the two-day combined with a time of 2:15:03, with Kenai second (2:22:36), Soldotna third (2:24:03), and Skyview fourth (2:40:42).

Friday's standouts Parker Sorenson and Kaya Morelli did not compete Saturday because of other commitments. But while they were missed, the teams' final positions did not suffer.

"It speaks well for the depth of our team when one or two of the top racers have to leave and someone else is able to step up and perform," said Coach Jan Spurkland. "The kids did absolutely awesome. They had a really great attitude despite the gnarly weather."

The bitter cold front locked in over Kachemak Bay earlier in the week gave way to spring-like temperatures and heavy rain that pounded the region for days before the event, leading many to wonder just how bad conditions might deteriorate along the Lookout Mountain trails. But the rain stopped during racing hours and all in all the weather turned out pretty nice, Spurkland said.

"The snow held together well and made for good skiing even though it was wet and warm," he said.

Spurkland credited the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club and the Homer High School ski parents and volunteers for helping the event come off so well.

Team scores for junior varsity events were not totaled, but it was clear Homer has highly competitive boys and girls JV teams.

In the JV boys' 3K, Homer's Ghen Sasakura finished first with a time of 9:24.8. Homer's Jake Worsfold was third, and Tian-En Liu was sixth. In the girls' event, Alex Bergholtz of Kenai was first with a time of 11:31.7, but Homer's Lydia Arndt was second at 11:57. Homer girls Taylor Iredale, Tisha Lovett and Katie Schmidt finished third, fourth and sixth respectively.

The following day in the 6K events, Homer's Sasakura again finished first, with Worsfold coming in third, and Liu fourth in the boys' competition. For the girls, Kirsten Nyquist of Kenai was first, but Homer's Katie Schmidt, Aspen Daigle and Taylor Iredale finished second, fourth and fifth respectively.

Homer skiers next attend the Lynx Loppet, an annual mass ski event hosted by Dimond High School this weekend. It is, by far, the largest event of the state ski season.

"It's the biggest in the country," Spurkland said.

The Loppet may attract upwards of 700 competitors and will serve as a good preview of the state championships in late February. Spurkland said the Loppet would be a great indicator for how Homer teams stack up against statewide competition.

Every other team attending will be viewing it the same way, he said.


Homer Invite




Individual results

1. Parker Sorenson, Hom, 9:03.7; 2. Dillon Jensen, Sol, 9:08.1; 3. Andre Lovett, Hom, 9:17.7; 4. Dan Adickes, Hom, 9:25.1; 5. Travis Cooper, Ken, 9:31.6; 6. Luke Michael, Sol, 9:40.7; 7. Brian Rowe, Hom, 9:44.6; 8. Jonas Wilkstrom, Sol, 9:50.9; 9. Fox Michaud, Ken, 10:03.0; 10. Kyle Wentz, Hom, 10:18.5; 11. Olen Danielson, Ken, 10:20.8; 12. Vegard Unhjem, Hom, 10:28.3; 13. Jake Gilman, Ken, 10:32.3; 14. Tyler Cooper, Ken, 10:34.8; 15. Kade Cooper, Sky, 10:46.8; 16. Joey Bishop, Sky, 10:49.7; 17. Joe Bressler, Ken, 10:54.3; 18. Colton Diehl, Sol, 11:24.1; 19. Jang Kim, Sol, 11:35.4; 20. Carey Updike, Ken, 11:42.6; 21. Benjamin Sibley, Sky, 12:02.9; 22. Kyle North, Sol, 12:17.7; 23. Bud Sparks, Sky, 12:19.4; 24. Sky Schlung, Sky, 12:37.2; 25. Tanner Best, Sol, 13:01.4; 26. Kelty Fair, Sky, 14:43.3.

Team results

1. Homer, 0:37.31; 2. Soldotna, 0:40.04; 3. Kenai, 0:40.28; 4. Skyview, 0:45.59.



Individual results

1. Bree Mucha, Sol, 10:03.8; 2. Marie Schmidt, Hom, 11:13.9; 3. Kaya Morelli, Hom, 11:17.3; 4. Olivia Fair, Ken, 12:03.4; 5. Mady Gerard, Hom, 12:09.9; 6. Alaine Miller, HOm, 12:12.3; 7. Eve Ferguson, Ken, 12:36.2; 8. Makayla George, Ken, 12:58.9Õ 9. Rachel Wyatt, Sol, 13:30.9; 10. Chelsea Springer, Ken, 13:34.0; 11. Ashley Gerola, Sol, 13:52.3; 12. Mika Morton, Sky, 13:54.7; 13. Sadie Fox, Sol, 14:05.6; 15. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 14:20.6; 16. Emily Schmidt, Hom, 15:39.5; 17. Brittany Hollers, Sky, 15:49.9; 18. Melody Whitehouse, Ken, 15:51.1; 19. Casey Neill, Sky, 16:14.2; 20. Emma Selden, Sol, 17:20.5; 21. Xochi Harbison, Sol, 19:14.2; 22. Allison Farrington, Sky, 20:12.4.

Team results

1. Homer, 0:46.53; 2. Kenai, 0:51.13; 3. Soldotna, 0:51.33; 4. Skyview, 1:00.16.





Individual results

1. Andre Lovett, Hom, 16:46.1; 2. Dillon Jensen, Sol, 16:47.1; 3. Jonas Wikstrom, Sol, 17:07.3; 4. Travis Cooper, Ken, 17:09.8; 5. Brian Rowe, Hom, 17:52.6; 6. Kyle Wentz, Hom, 17:58.4; 7. Fox MIchaud, Ken, 18:03.8; 9. Tyler Cooper, Ken, 18:45.4; 10. Dan Adickes, Hom, 18:55.1; 11. Luke Michael, Sol, 18:57.8; 12. Colton Diehl, Sol, 19:21.5; 13. Joey Bishop, Sky, 19:58.8; 14. Jake Gilman, Ken, 20:13.0; 15. Jang Kim, Sol, 20:21.5; 16. Tanner Best, Sol, 20:27.0; 18. Kade Cooper, Sky, 20:45.5; 19. Olen Danielson, Ken, 20:45.9; 20. Vegard Unhjem, Hom, 21:04.3; 21. Cary Updike, Ken, 21:14.6; 22. Kyle Austin, Sky, 21:43.6; 23. Kyle North, Sol, 21:44.1; 24. Kelty Fair, Sky, 26:17.5.

Team results

1. Homer, 1:11.32; 2. Soldotna, 1:12.14; 3. Kenai, 1:22.27; 4. Skyview, 1:22.25



Individual results

1. Bree Mucha, Sol, 18:19.3; 2. Marie Schmidt, Hom, 20:35.8; 3. Sadie Fox, Sol, 21:10.0; 4. Mady Gerard, Hom, 21:44.4; 5. Olivia Fair, Ken, 21:56.3; 6. Mika Morton, Sky, 22:25.5; 7. Kirsten Nyquist, Ken, 22:28.8; 8. Eve Ferguson, Ken, 22:34.7; 9. Emily Schmidt, Hom, 22:41.6; 10. Chelsea Winter, Sky, 22:45.1; 11. Alaine Miller, Hom, 23:07.9; 12. Ashley Gerola, Sol, 24:03.8; 14. Courtney Stroh, Ken, 24:23.5; 15. Makayla George, Ken, 24:30.1; 16. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 24:40.4; 17. Casey Neill, Sky, 27:19.1; 18. Brittany Hollers, Sky, 27:57.0; 19. Xochi Harbison, Sol, 28:57.3; 20. Emma Selden, Sol, 29:11.9 21. Allison Farrington, Sky, 29:45.2.

Team results

1. Homer, 1:28.10; 2. Kenai, 1:31.23; 3. Soldotna, 1:32.30; 4. Skyview, 1:40.27.