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Story last updated at 11:06 AM on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Students write wish-lists in time for holidays

By McKibben Jackinsky
Staff Writer

With a flood of holiday greetings filling postal trucks and winter weather threatening on-time deliveries, the students in Wendy Todd's first-grade class at Paul Banks Elementary School are leaving nothing to chance. They've written their letters to Santa early enough to help ensure wished-for items make it onto the sleigh by Christmas Eve.

Not only have they learned how to write new words for the occasion, but Ms. Todd has thoughtfully helped with spelling so Santa can match the students' lists to what is on the shelves of his North Pole workshop.

Clearly, these youngsters are thinking of more than just themselves. There are wishes for family members and others, and some insightful questions about Santa, his team of reindeer and how deliveries are made to homes without chimneys.

Dear Santa,

My family loves Christmas. I want a dog please. How cold is it?

From Jacob Thompson

Dear Santa,

We will leave you something. May I please have the Lego Mummy Quest? What would you like to eat?

From Seamus McDonough

Dear Santa,

I am hanging out with my family. May I please have a computer for Christmas? Can your reindeer fly?

From Sami Cooley

Dear Santa,

I have a tree up already. Can I please have a toy dinosaur? Are you real?

From Jack Fern

Dear Santa,

My family is going to celebrate Christmas in Soldotna. I will want a pony for Christmas please. I think my brother will want Power Ranger and I want another thing. Do you know what it is? What it is is a Barbie! I don't know what my mom wants.

From Leilani Sallison

Dear Santa,

It was nice seeing you in Kenai. Do the reindeer talk? Could you please bring me some dolls? For Christmas, my family is going to give kids some goats instead of getting a lot of presents.

Sincerely, Izzy Dye

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph real? Or is he fake? What are the reindeer's names? Can you please give me a 5 hex bug hive and a shark fling thing from Toys R Us? And I have a tree.

From Braedyn Romeril

Dear Santa,

Do you have a Christmas tree for Christmas? We have a Christmas tree. Can I have a dog for Christmas?

From Lulu Vandecoevering

Dear Santa,

We make canolies every year. I would please like a fluffy beanbag for Christmas. What is it like in the North Pole?

Love, Salvatora Sitenga

Dear Santa,

I love you. Can you please get me an electrical monster truck? Do you have a lot of toy cars?

From Skilar Billings

Dear Santa,

I am six now. Can I have an automatic car? Do you like kids?

From Niko Sulczynski

Dear Santa,

My family goes skiing on Christmas. I would love something really cool for my family please.

Sincerely, Stefan Avant-Mercandante

Dear Santa,

I want a doll please.

From Gabi Speight

Dear Santa,

I made cookies for you. I want a Barbie with a castle. Do you come through the heaters since I don't have a chimney?

From Amber Gilbreath