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Story last updated at 2:07 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revolution brewing

There's a federal government take-over, a coup, under way. Worldwide banker engineered take-over, too. We the people and our bill of rights are collateral damage. Your new government is money. Our criminal traitor Senate seems to have been paid off, bribed because of things they have to hide, kept in office by vote fraud, or just a misled public. The executive and Supreme Court sold out, too. Egypt is trying to finish the job they started, using pacifism to throw out their military dictatorship.Al-Qaedais the same as Muslim Brotherhood. We (USA) quietly reversed our stance against them and installed them in Libya and gave them tons of surface-to-air missiles.

Masses of sheeple are now rapidly awaking. I hope this waking grows. Senate passed law allowing use of military force and policing on Americans citizens (NDAA sec.1030), to arrest and detain as enemy combatants of national security. What happened to Joe? Oh, I saw military swat pull up in his driveway and haven't seen him since. He was some conspiracy theory crazy anyway. A FEMA Gulag will do him good. It seems prophecies of labeled extremists like Eustace Mullins, Aaron Russo, Alex Jones and even Lyndon LaRouche turn out correct one after another. Soft speaking, fair sounding NPR (and others) feeds gentle propaganda, mind manipulation and diversion. If you want the real news and understanding then dig and you find more dirt. War drums beat for Syria and Iran and world war.

Restoring and re-enforcment of our Constitution/Bill of Rights would be easy rather than revolution.

Love and merry Christmas.

Rev. Richard Olson