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Story last updated at 2:07 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Better way to elect president

Last night I dreamt a Higher Power had abolished all elections and the right to vote in the United States for many good reasons. Since men and women are illogical beings they tend to be led by their emotions and make their choices accordingly.

They vote for their candidates because of issues close to their hearts not their brains. Voters are more concerned with gay marriage, gays in the military, abortion and health care than they are with quantum physics, how the earth and its solar system operate together, how the complexities of the global economy work or about clean water. Voting promotes nothing but discrimination against religion, age, gender and race.

Would a Mormon vote for a Muslim? Would a Muslim vote for a Jew? Most men still don't vote for women candidates. And why can't a 6-year old run for president when she has more brains than most adults? Why can't we have a fair playing field for all candidates?

During the "debates," which sound more like question-answer sessions, I have heard nothing but uneducated, illogical and misguided statements from all candidates. Most have no knowledge of the world they live in. And a few don't even know how the government they want to represent really works.

To make the selection process fair, I suggest the new "Jeopardy for President!" Any American (native-born or naturalized citizen) can play and win the presidency. Men, women, children of any age, race, religion or gender would have a fair chance. This also would eliminate all party affiliations, which are detrimental to the mental wellbeing of our nation. There would be no need for political action committee money or lobbyists. And just think how much money would be saved for better purposes.

So, "Jeopardy For President" it is. Questions would cover five categories such as government, planet earth, world economy, inner child and sexual aberrations. The national winner would then play Watson The Computer. If the latter wins, Watson would logically become president. Only in case of a computer malfunction would man, woman or child take over the reins of the executive branch.

Enough said, but fair.

Serge Lecomte