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Benefit calendar features East End Roaders

Men bare all for clinic

by Carey James
Staff Writer

photo: news

  Photo by Phil Price
Tom Malone and James Donally, seen here in their favorite haunt at Fritz Creek General Store missing a garment or two, are the cover models for the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic's fund-raiser calendar.  
At a shindig last month at the Homer Brewing Company, the calendar made its debut.

Clusters of people gathered, jaws gaping just a bit at the sight of many of Homer's well-known East End Road men posing in considerably less wear than is typically wise in the Cosmic Hamlet climate (unless you're jumping out of a sauna).

Meanwhile, several of the calendar models, who happen to enjoy bluegrass and beer as much as they enjoy posing in the nude, compared notes over which of them had the whitest butt, while dodging the connect-the-dots looks from calendar-holders.

So what possessed 15 of Homer's men to bare all? Had something in the water of Fritz Creek produced latent exhibitionist tendencies in the East Enders?

Actually, it was a cause near and dear to their hearts that produced this phenomenon of clothes-be-gone. The calendar, titled "The Sexy Men of East End 2003," is a fund-raiser for the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic, a Homer nonprofit organization offering reproductive health care from cervical and breast cancer screening to birth control information and pregnancy testing.

The fund-raising idea for the calendar is the brainchild of Diana Carbonell, a board member, who said she did most of the "arm-twisting" on the project. Other board members contributed, as did photographer Phil Price, who can be seen golfing sans clothing on the back page of the calendar.

Carbonell said she got the idea from a group in England that created a similar calendar with middle-aged women. While the British version was more, shall we say, sophisticated, the Homer clinic was aiming for a more humorous approach.

"We're hoping people see it as it's intended, and that's as something humorous," Carbonell said.

When she first floated the idea last year, Carbonell said, it was difficult at first to draw in models. But once men realized the nature of the calendar, the group wound up with more models than months in the year.

"In the end, we were turning people away," she said.

Many of the models posed in scenes relating to their profession, wearing a few carefully placed pieces of equipment, such as tool belts and chainsaw chaps. Some, however, chose less coverage than others, like Mr. December, seen driving his skiff through the Homer Harbor in broad daylight.

In addition to the eye-catching photos, including a centerfold, the calendar contains STDs (sexual thoughtful data) such as the fact that without contraception, a healthy woman could give birth to more than 20 children during her child-bearing years.

Carbonell said one of the best things about the calendar is it shows how many men are supporters of the clinic.

She said that while some people might raise an eyebrow at the calendar, it has received positive reactions from everyone she has shown it to.

She's hoping the fund-raiser will be so popular, in fact, that the calendar will become an annual project.

The calendar, which costs $18, is on sale at the clinic on Ben Walters Lane, Homer Brewing Company and Two Sisters. For more information, call 235-3436.

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