Story last updated at 1:45 p.m. Thursday, December 5, 2002

Better control needed
The practice over the past several years of the city passing city funds to another entity which in turn passes it out to other groups is very dangerous. It leaves the door wide open to mischief, conflicts of interest and corruption.

The responsibility of this funding lies with the city administration and council. Once the funding is passed to another entity, the city has no more control of it. This practice should be terminated.

I have queried a number of state and city officials about the propriety of this program and all were aghast. A former lieutenant governor said, "Roy, they'd have me committed before I got the words all the way out of my mouth." The administrative assistant and right-hand man to a governor said, "They must be smoking something other than tobacco to come up with an idea like that." Other remarks made about this subject were "ridiculous," "irresponsible," "never heard of such an oddball thing," etc.

If the city wishes to set up an account that will eventually fund these various groups, they should appropriate a certain amount of money each budget year to that account until it is self-sustaining, then make their distributions. To allow another entity to distribute city funds is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Roy E. Hoyt Jr.