Story last updated at 1:45 p.m. Thursday, December 5, 2002

No place like Homer
We have lived in Homer for almost two years now. I read about the flap regarding the sales tax, and I wonder if people who have lived in Homer for some time really appreciate the many good things they have in this town of wondrous scenery, the best fishing, mountains clad with snow, the mighty Harding Icefield and good air travel to all points. The town is laid out in a most perfect manner. I can drive about two miles and shop, driving from my motorhome, a delight to do and drive in.

The slogan "The City that Works" written on city trucks is a very apt description of good police and fire protection, an excellent number of food stores at unbeatable prices and the joy of shopping at Ulmer's. The medical care I have received in Homer at their magnificent hospital staffed with good nurses can't be beat.

Now let me write about what we did have living in Connecticut -- incompetent doctors, high property taxes on everything (cars, boats, snowmachines, canoes and anything else one could think of). We go to college here at no cost; not so in Connecticut.

In nearby Danbury, Conn., one summer they won the dubious distinction of the highest air pollution ever recorded in the U.S. At our senior center there, reservations were required, and the food was shipped from long away from Waterbury, cold and tasteless. No salad bars, no friendship room, just ugly, nasty people who must have acted that way because of the many toxic chemicals in their systems.

I went to deliver a mass card to the local Catholic church, and the priest smirked and puffed a lighted cigarette in my face.

We had few good restaurants, and had to drive many miles to get to anything through the congested traffic.

Here in Homer they do the job of servicing their roads, not making excuses as they do in Anchorage. We lived there one winter, and after the first snow there were 131 accidents reported.

Big cities don't work; Homer does. My wife has received the best medical care from Dr. Charles Burgess, and that has done wonders for her health. In Connecticut, she got nothing. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Alvarez do my surgery. In addition to being a fine surgeon, his personality is tops! He encourages our fine nurses and likes to tell a joke or two.

In case a Homerite wishes to see the fall foliage in Connecticut, well just forget it. On East Lake Road we were treated to a magnificent blaze of foliage. My wife and I attend classes at Kachemak College paid for by grants. In Connecticut you get zilch.

I have the snow-covered mountains and the bay in view, and the most magnificent sunsets that I have ever seen. Friends, be truly grateful you live in Homer, the best place to be.

Thank you.

Bruce W. Rigby