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Story last updated at 4:02 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Questions that point to reasons behind the Occupy Movement

For those who may have misunderstandings about the Occupy Movement or have questions about its necessity, I pose a few questions to you:

Do you feel a tax system that levies substantially lower taxes on the highest income bracket and taxes lower wage earners higher percentages is fair?

Do you think it is OK that 20 percent of the people in this country now own more than 85 percent of the wealth?

Knowing that in federal elections 94 percent of the time the winning candidates are those whose campaigns have the most money, should private corporations be allowed to spend unlimited, undisclosed amounts of money on elections?

Are corporations people, deserving of the same constitutional rights granted to individuals?

Is money free speech?

Should investment banks that wage reckless bets using public funds receive more public funds when those bets go bad?

During the last 30 years, the richest 1 percent in America have seen a 392 percent increase in wages, while 90 percent of the working populace saw, on average, a $900 yearly decrease in wages. Do you feel this is fair, equitable or sustainable?

In a system defined as a capitalist democracy, it is vitally important that democracy comes before capital. The voice and interest of the citizenry must take priority over the profits of a small minority. I believe that the Occupy Movement is aimed at realizing this simple ideal.

Steve Collins