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Story last updated at 4:04 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Delicious way to support the arts

We'd like to thank Maura's Deli, Ring of Fire Meadery and Modern Dwellers (chocolate-makers in Anchorage) for sponsoring an artful Tasting at Bunnell on Nov. 18. As a business owner and board member of Bunnell Street Arts Center, Maura took the lead in applying her immense creativity to fundraising for Bunnell. She selected and served six delicious cheeses, which Laurence Livingston of Ring of Fire expertly paired with his award-winning meads. Laurence also crafted delicious pairings with Modern Dwellers chocolate.

The whole experience was uniquely innovative, excessively delicious and surprisingly educational. All of our missions worked in concert to create a fun learning experience for guests to learn more about how to serve and enjoy delicious hand-crafted products you can buy right here in Homer.

Our thanks to these businesses for sharing their knowledge and creativity with us. These businesses do so much for our community, helping local nonprofits to convey our missions, cultivate community and raise funds for our programs.

Asia Freeman and Adele Groning, staff and the Board of Directors of Bunnell Street Arts Center