Story last updated at 2:03 p.m. Thursday, November 28, 2002

Charter customers singled out
To all charter customers, The borough has decided to single out your purchases of fishing charters and sightseeing tours from the $500 maximum tax cap. If you are taking your family or group of friends out fishing, each person will be taxed individually, taking your purchase out of consideration of the maximum tax cap.

Any other purchase you make in the area has the maximum tax cap, so why not your charter purchase? Did you know if you are buying an air charter to go look at bears there are no sales taxes applied at all?

The borough assembly sales tax committee is changing the tax codes to find "equity" in the code. Where is the "equity" between my charter on the sea and an air charter in the air? Neither of us use borough facilities or resources, but we both begin and end in the borough.

Another fact the borough has not mentioned is the amount of increase in sales tax that will go to the City of Homer once the maximum tax cap is lifted. Homer makes out great without any action at all.

The greatest abundance of the sales tax increase will be born by Homer and Seward due to their larger boats and the large purchases of services that they conduct. This change will move more charters away from doing business in Homer, or move them out of business completely. The borough assembly members need to re-think this action and not force another "taxation without representation" issue to the people.

Robert Ward, A-WARD Charters