Story last updated at 2:02 p.m. Thursday, November 28, 2002

Board action defended
Our public radio station is in the news again.

The annual meeting and board elections are imminent. Several board seats are open, and a number of candidates have filed to run for them. It's gratifying to see such interest.

However, there is some apparent confusion among some letter-writers regarding both the duties of the board of directors and the events of last winter. As has been stated repeatedly, the board does not set programming; that is the job of the programming department. Neither the current board, nor any future board, is empowered to set programming. That isn't how it works.

The board does invite and welcome input from the public; there is a place in every board meeting for visitors' comments. At the board meeting last February, we heard a lot of comments, and got a lot of input. If you were there, you know.

As a result of that meeting and that input, staff suggested revisions to the proposed program changes, re-instating afternoon volunteer shows. Some people have evidently chosen to see a compromise, carefully thought-out and agreed to by all parties, including representatives of those wishing to maintain the status quo antebellum, as somehow "refusing to take action." To those people, I can only say: your message was heard, action was taken, and a compromise was reached.

That's how it works in the real world; there's give, there's take, and then there's resolution. And then we move on. You don't always get everything you want. Things change. Things that don't change, die.

Our radio station, KBBI, is strong, vibrant, alive. It changes. It will continue to change. If you want to be a part of that change, work positively to affect it. Don't carp; don't bad-mouth; don't whine. Be creative and constructive, and positive.

I've served 13 years on the board of KBBI, and I've seen a lot of changes. Most of these changes are, I'm sure, taken for granted by most of the listeners, and that's fine. I want to say I'm proud to have served on this board, with some of the most dedicated individuals it's been my pleasure to know and work with. We have always upheld the mission statement. That is not open to dispute.

I wish the new board members, whoever they turn out to be, all the best. Godspeed and good luck. It may behoove them to reflect on the immortal words of Bill Cosby: "I may not know the secret to success, but I do know the secret to failure, and that's trying to please everybody."

Ken Landfield, member, KBBI Board of Directors (retiring)