Story last updated at 2:02 p.m. Thursday, November 28, 2002

Change good for station
I have been a member of KBBI for the past 20 years. Every year during fund-raising week I actively participated in the fund-raiser and waited diligently to see if we met "our" goal. This year I really struggled with my decision to renew my membership. I finally decided to join, however it was at a level one-third less than I did the previous year. This was not due to a national trend. My decision was a direct result of my disappointment in the changes at the radio station during the last year, and the process through which they were achieved.

I have always believed in the "community" of public radio and how each membership was essential. I have listened for 19 years to supporters stress that high membership numbers are important for matching monies and grants. Now the general manager states that the radio is not driven by the number of members, nor is it a good indicator of listener satisfaction.

I beg to differ with her. There is a good reason that the station donations are down, that membership is down and that they have lost community support. It is time for the management of the station to accept that the public is having trouble with the decisions and the actions of this past year, and work toward mending the wounds.

I for one am very happy that a few people are making a fuss and not finding something else to do. The staff of the station needs to realize that it isn't a vocal minority bringing back this situation, and that for us it isn't a minor issue. This next election will be the real test.

I hope instead of resisting the potential changes that she learns to live with them. I hear that it is human nature to resist change. I am looking forward to the changes.

Janet Fink