Story last updated at 2:01 p.m. Thursday, November 28, 2002

Kids deserve support
We were truly flabbergasted by the overwhelming community support and participation at Otter Beach Educational Center's "February in Mexico" event on Nov. 9 at the Elks. Homer does seem to love its kids, and turned out in far greater numbers to celebrate them than we had ever anticipated.

Dedicated as we are to providing our kids with the tools needed for lifelong education, it is clear to us that learning from our mistakes is one of those tools. To any of you who experienced delays in the bottleneck, or any other inconvenience, we extend our most sincere apologies. We will certainly look for a larger venue for our next such extravaganza.

Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, diners and bidders who made the evening such a great success. And thank you especially to the middle and high school choirs and to Mark Robinson, who is such a fine example of what can happen when you believe in kids and treat them with respect.

Our kids indeed are our future. Let us all continue to find ways to support and celebrate them.

MaryClare Foecke, board president