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Story last updated at 12:24 PM on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner? It's as easy as ABC


Photo by McKibben Jackinsky

Thanksgiving chefs at Paul Banks Elementary School include first-grade students (front row, left to right) Luke Nollar, Theo McDonough, Ashley Kingrey, Kian Smith, Trent Fell and Noby Nevak; (back row, left to rigiht) Stephan Stanish, Keeley Dabney, Peyton Sallison, Morgen Techie, Brennan Senn Young, Lilly Ellington, Nicole Venendaal and Riley Harrington. Not pictured: Irais Turner and Kahleah Fraley.

Wondering how to fix a traditional — or nontraditional, as the case may be — Thanksgiving dinner? Wonder no longer. First-grade students in Brandon Young's classroom at Paul Banks Elementary School have put together the following recipes. For your cooking ease and dining pleasure, these young chefs have included everything from soup to dessert. The recipes are printed to the students' exact specifications.

Chicken chowder

By Nick

Ingredients: chicken, gravee, potatoes, nuts, ham, pes, crrots, salt

1. Put the gravy on the chicken and the nuts on gravy.

2. The ham gos on the gravy.

3. Mix every thing togther.

4. Put the chowder in the microwve for 63 minutes and it's done.


By Kian

Ingredients: ben, ham, onions, water, tmads

1. Put the bens and the ham.

2. Then we will put the onions

3. Then we will put the water

4. Then we will put the tmads.

5. Put the microwave.


By Stephan

Ingredients: turkey

1. Cook the turkey in the gravy at 67 degrees until it beeps.

2. Take it out.

3. Feed the people.


By Riley

Ingredients: Carots, bread, beans, flour, bacon

1. Mix it together.

2. Put it in the bowl.


By Luke

Ingredients: stuffing, krust, chicken

1. Shoot a chicken and

2. Shuk the chicken and gut it.

3. Stuf the chicken with stuffing

4. Kuk the chicken in the oven at 100 degrees for one howr.

5. Dip it in backin gres.

Mashed potatoes and gravy

By Lilly

Ingredients: potatoes, buter, milk, chicen soop, salt, spices

1. Cut potatoes.

2. Put in ovon for five minuts medium hot.

3. Put chicin soop in potataeos. Milk in potaeos.

4. Squash them. Put spices and salt and buter in the potateos.

5. Enjoy.

Green beans

By Kahleah

Ingredients: green beans, hot watr, solt, peper

1. Get the ingrednts 2 by 4 pot.

2. Cook over a fire 25 to 65 mints.

3. Injoy


By Toby

Ingredients: Glase, carits, ham, cheese

1. The glase gos on carits and carits goes on ham and ham gos on cheese.

2. Coock in the oven for 50 minutes at 70 degrees.

Indian corn

By Theo

Ingredients: yellow corn; orange, red, brown and black food coloring

1. Put the food coloring in the crnols.

2. Microwave it one owr.

3. Eat it!

Cheesy broccoli

By Peyton

Ingredients: broccoli, cheese

1. Put broccoli in hot water and get it soft.

2. Slise the cheese.

3. Store.

4. Leav in the pot and eat.


By Irais

Ingredients: flour, hot water, buter

1. Blend it up.

2. Put it in the ovin for five minutes

3. InJoe

Chocolate chip cookies

By Nicole

Ingredients: flour, chocolat, 2 eggs, woldr

1. Mix the ingredient.

2. Roll the dough up in to balls.

3. On the pan.

4. Kook it in the ovoen

5. Swv hot.

Chocolate pie

By Morgen

Ingredients: By chocolate, 33 peeses; doe and of chocolate; then pay crisp for it and doe; let it thow out.

1. Worm up the 33 peeses of chocolate.

2. Get the crisp.

3. Str up the chocolate doe.

4. Poot it in the ofin for 400 dogrees.

5. For 7- minets.

6. Take it out.

7. Let it col.

8. Injoy.

Cranberry cookies

By Trent

Ingredients: water, cranberries, choclit, flour, milk, eggs

1. Mix the cranberries, water, flour and eggs together.

2. Milk and then choclit.

3. Then spred the cranberrie cookies.

4. Then put the cranberrie cookies into the oven for 15 minits.

Crème brule

By Ashley

Ingredients: salt, crème, egg yolks, vanilla suger, vanilla beans

1. Put the crème in little bowls.

2. Put salt on top.

3. Put yolks in it.

4. Vanilla suger in it.

5. Vanilla beans in it.

6. Bake in oven at 100 degrees for six minits.

Pumpkin pie

By Keeley

Ingredients: crust, pumpkin, whipt cream

1. Mash the pumkin.

2. Cook it in the oven.

3. Put the crust on it.

4. Put the whip cream on it.

5. Put in the oven for 20 minutes.

6. Enjoy!