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Story last updated at 6:37 PM on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Use your rights or lose them

Thanks, Occupy Movement worldwide solidarity. The tree of liberty must be watered. The good ol' American tradition of asserting our right to assemble must be shown from time to time. Use it or lose it. When a banking institution gets busted for a $500 billion crime and pays a half million dollar fine, what's a peon to do?

The right of assembly and speech along with our right to bear arms are last resorts to defend and preserve natural rights, justice,and liberty of the masses. It is amazing to see awakening in the face of rampant corruption. History shows progressing corruption of government and people's tendency to enslave others is the standard.

My stance is nonviolent, but even Gandhi supported the right to bear arms.

Let's be clear, our form of government is a republic, rule of law, where law is applied equally whatever the social status, not mob rule (if we can keep it for the inheritors). Where jury trial requires all 12 members to be unanimous and each jury member can vote (and refuse to change their mind) on what they think is just, as well as on the law itself. Don't let a judge try to tell you different.

Enough war. Bless Brother Asaiah resting in peace.

Rev. Richard Olson