Story last updated at 3:55 p.m. Thursday, November 21, 2002

Doctor charged with domestic assault
by Chris Bernard
Staff Writer

Homer doctor Paul Raymond was charged last week with third-degree domestic assault and interference with the report of a domestic assault after an incident at his home.

Alaska State Troopers allege that Raymond placed his wife in "fear of physical injury with a firearm" on Nov. 12, and that he tried to prevent his wife from reporting the incident.

In an affidavit, Trooper Jeremy Rupe said during a 911 call made by Raymond's wife, Nancy, her voice sounded muffled, "as if the phone was being taken away from her." The line was then disconnected.

According to Rupe's report, Nancy and her husband had an argument that later escalated to physical violence when Raymond "grabbed her by her ears and hair with his hands telling her to listen."

Earlier in the day, Nancy had hidden her husband's .454-caliber handgun because he was drunk and angry, Rupe said. When she wouldn't tell Raymond where it was hidden, he said he was going to get his .30/06 rifle.

Rupe said Raymond fired the rifle into the air a single time from his back porch with his wife standing beside him. At that point, he said, she made the 911 call. A scuffle ensued during which he tried to take the phone from her, and she hit him with a flashlight.

Rupe said he found several weapons and ammunition in the Raymonds' home, as well as an empty fifth of vodka. A later test showed Paul Raymond's blood alcohol content at .120, which is .04 higher than the legal limit for driving.

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