Story last updated at 3:31 p.m. Thursday, November 21, 2002

Befuddled, dithered
At the Homer City Council meeting of Nov. 4, the Homer mayor was obviously upset over the resignation and amendments to the letter of resignation of the city manager. He displayed a lack of knowledge when he mentioned recall as a lever to stop the amendments. Apparently he and his professional petition signers are not aware that it takes a lot more than submitting and voting for a resolution to be grounds for a recall.

Three council members took the good business approach by calling for the termination of the city manager to be effective in two weeks. Business and friendship are two different things. When you manage a city worth millions of dollars, that is not only business, but big business.

It has been proven time and again that after an individual has tendered his resignation or been asked to, it is most beneficial to terminate that person as soon as possible. The mayor and three council members made a big mistake by not effecting an immediate termination of the city manager.

The conflict of interest with Councilman Stark should have been resolved prior to the meeting and never mentioned, as it is covered in the city code. There was no need to contact the city lawyer, another unnecessary legal expense.

The mayor was back into the corner with nothing but a mouthful of teeth by remarks prior, during and subsequent to the council meeting. A self-evaluation by the mayor might be wise. He no longer has a rubber-stamp city council and needs to accept it.

"Time wounds all heels."

Roy Hoyt Jr.