Story last updated at 3:31 p.m. Thursday, November 21, 2002

Dissent not unanimous
I was dismayed by Cris Somers' recent open letter to the community criticizing KBBI's management and its relationship with the KBBI volunteers and our community. I have been a volunteer and a DJ for only a year, but my experience must have been completely different than hers.

I have found the staff of KBBI to be very supportive and appreciative of volunteers. As a new DJ, I've asked a lot of questions, and I have stumbled on the air more than once, but I've always felt the genuine good will and encouragement of the people who work there.

I was welcomed from the first and now feel very much a part of the large group of people who make KBBI what it is. I thrive on the good energy of the people at the station.

Cris' insinuation that only the money that members contribute matters and not their opinions is insulting to the members and all the other people who have worked hard to make KBBI what it is. KBBI's current board of directors and staff are motivated by a common commitment to have a top-quality radio station that is recognized and valued as such by its members and audience.

I think any objective observer would be impressed by the hard work and dedication shown by the board, by the staff and by the much appreciated volunteers.

It is only fair to disclose that I am also on the ballot for the KBBI board, but I'm not writing to drum up votes. I am writing because I'm concerned that Cris' real complaint is personal, and that her agenda may be personal as well. I am writing because I hope that the KBBI members will not allow Cris or her small group of unhappy people to undo the good work that has been done to make KBBI the community treasure that it is.

Mark Talley