Story last updated at 3:29 p.m. Thursday, November 21, 2002

New board members needed
As the KBBI board elections draw near, now is the time to reflect on the actions and inactions of incumbent board members. All current board members need to be thanked for their services.

To complete the picture, we must look at KBBI's activities of the past year. The KBBI mission statement states: "KBBI will serve as a mirror and voice for the ideas, beliefs, and sentiments of the people of Homer ..." Early this year, KBBI Manager Susan Kernes announced dramatic reductions in KBBI volunteer DJ programming hours -- ignoring the input of the KBBI membership.

When the membership voiced concerns over this issue, the current board did nothing to direct the KBBI management in accordance with the mission statement, i.e., incorporate membership wishes into the program changes. The community-wide squabble that ensued would have been avoided had the board acted in accordance with the mission statement.

Incumbent board members failed to perform their duties at a most critical time. For the holistic good of community radio, new board members who will stand up for KBBI policy must be elected. I'm voting for Don Pitcher, Cris Somers and Anne Wieland. I urge you to, also.

Ted Schmidt, KBBI member