Story last updated at 3:28 p.m. Thursday, November 21, 2002

Community generosity noted
The generosity of our community is awesome. The Homer Community Food Pantry Rummage Sale on Aug. 31 was overwhelmingly successful. We met our goal of matching funds for the Association for Aid to Lutherans for which we are indeed grateful. Thanks to many of you, we received quality items, many brand new, and shoppers gave generously when purchasing items. Three cheers for our rummage sale volunteers. We couldn't have done it without you, Roberta, Juanita, Donnie, Helen, Floyd, Gloria, Maxine, Beverly and Donna. Ninety volunteer hours went into this event. We are blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers.

We have received fish from several generous donors: Pat Johnson, Coal Point, Dr. Fowler and Federal Fisheries. Our clients truly appreciate having meat. Subway, Eagle, Espresso Express, Bear Claw Bakery, Sav-U-More, Frosty Bear and 1st Class 2nd Hand continue to faithfully help us with their wonderful donations.

Many of you have magnanimously shared your vegetables with us. These gifts plant seeds of kindness that can only grow. The Lutherans Women's League, St. John's Catholic Church and several memorials for Dave Davis were gratefully appreciated. Thanks Flex students for helping us distribute food on Sept. 23.

Presently, we could use drivers to pick up food on Thursday or Friday, and if you could help us from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Mondays, it would be great. People are so busy these days and volunteers are hard to find. We would be grateful for whatever time you could share with us. If you would like to help us in other ways: 1) Share vegetables from your garden. 2) Collect canned and dry goods (i.e., canned tomatoes or egg noodles). 3) Bring us pint-size containers, egg cartons, Ziploc bags (sandwich and quart sizes) and 16-ounce bottles. Our thoughtful needs are an investment in our community. Homer's continued support for helping feed those in need does credit to everyone.

Diane Jeska