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Story last updated at 6:23 PM on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New episode of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' set in Homer, airs at 8 p.m. Sunday

By Michael Armstrong
Staff Writer


Photo by Gilles Mingasson, Getty Images, for Discovery Communications/TLC.

Former Gov. Sarah Palin, right, clams in early August with her daughter Piper, left, at a Deep Creek beach during filming of the TLC cable channel show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

After a series debut that ranked the highest for a TLC cable TV program launch, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" shows again this week with some scenery familiar to the lower Kenai Peninsula: the Homer Spit, Kachemak Bay, the Gulf of Alaska and Deep Creek. The second show in the eight-part TLC cable television series shows at 8 p.m. Sunday on cable channel 55.

The former governor of Alaska and her family were seen here in early August, but locals involved in the show were coy about what Palin did. Palin calls the show "Homer: Just for the Halibut," cracking one of the corniest jokes around.

The Homer episode could be any American family's visit to the End of the Road, complete with camping in their motorhome at the Homer RV Campground and cruising the Spit. The story focuses on some mother-daughter bonding when Palin takes her oldest daughter Bristol out halibut fishing so she can clear her head with some fresh ocean air — and work out her aggression with a bit of fish bopping.

This is halibut fishing dude-ranch style, where the Palin women join Homer commercial fishermen Pat and Barbara McBride on the F/V Bear. Bristol Palin quickly gets in the spirit, dispatching a flopping 40-pound halibut with a good whack on the head. "I wonder what she's thinking when she does that," Sarah Palin says.

The show follows the Palin women's day: Bristol bleeding the halibut, Sarah hauling in halibut with Capt. Pat, Sarah crawling into the fish hold to stuff ice in the gutted halibut. Back on land the Palin women work the slime line at the Auction Block, with Bristol getting into the local look in her Salty Dawg hoody.

A running joke is the competition between Sarah and Todd. While sea kayaking out of Otter Cove Resort, they race each other back to shore. Cooking halibut, Bristol, Todd and Sarah compete over who has the best recipe. Another joke is how men are more impressed with five-time Iron Dog champion Todd Palin than his celebrity vice-presidential candidate wife. When a Homer man, Tim Hamilton, spots the family walking on the Spit, he asks Sarah to take his photo with Todd. Capt. Pat tells Todd he's really impressed to meet him.

Other scenes in the episode include clamming at Deep Creek and camping there. The show opens with the Palins teaching Bristol how to shoot skeet at a Wasilla firing range. According to a preview clip at the end of "Just For the Halibut," the third episode follows Todd Palin and son Track commercial fishing out of Dillingham.

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