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Story last updated at 5:55 PM on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say 'no' to coal mining

Gov. Parnell should honor his pre-election promise to not trade one resource for another. Especially not to trade a resource that has sustained Alaskans for centuries, for a short-lived, flash-in-the-pan profit of selling coal to China. Salmon will return and support Alaskans with food and jobs into the foreseeable future. The jobs and profits from coal will be gone in an instant in the big scheme of things.

Alaskans do not need this.

We should honor the culture and traditions of the people who live in this area. They have historic ties to the land and its resources. If the coal mining takes place, their way of life will forever be altered. This is not a good long-term deal for Alaska. Just say "no."

Pixie Siebe



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