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Story last updated at 5:57 PM on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Freedom means no need to fear

A million bucks ain't what it used to be. Millionaires are our new middle class. They are often the ones to have a small business and a few employees and may have busted knuckles to get there. This is why I don't support the proposed new tax on them.

Billionaires, the filthy rich, on the other hand, have their money globally, often in off-shore banks and often pay little to no tax. It is this class that unfortunately profits off wars and world wars while the rest of us fall for propaganda illusions like the terrorist threat and so willingly pay the price.

We also surrender increasing physical and mental imprisonments in various forms of surveillance, taxation, police state submission, victimless incarceration and the devaluation of our dollar through inflation.

Big money can impose powers that threaten what I consider should be my unalienable rights. And so the increasing gap between rich and poor and the power control over the masses

Freedom is to need not fear, nor be restricted by your fellows. As a result of the many enemies made worldwide in the name of my country and its imperialistic propensities, my freedoms slowly and quietly reduced recently. It's governments and their minions I fear more than the 99.9 percent.

Richard Olson