Story last updated at 1:08 p.m. Thursday, November 14, 2002

City manager candidate list narrowed to 9 applicants
Chris Bernard
Happenings in Seldovia

The Seldovia City Council has short-listed nine candidates from the 30 resumes received for the city manager position vacated when Ken Weaver announced his resignation last month.

The application deadline was Friday. At a council work session the next day, council members selected the following candidates:

* Donald Braun, who has held three city manager jobs in Alaska since 1991.

* Philip Covelli, who has held two city manager jobs since 1998, most recently in Naples, Maine.

* John Frohrip, who has worked as a city manager and, since 1993, as a professional mediator.

* Kenneth Hubler, who was terminated amid controversy as city manager of Parlier, Calif.

* Ed Pefferman, who has held five city manager positions since 1985, including one in Nome, Alaska, from which he was terminated.

* William Sizemore, who has held five city manager positions since 1991.

* Harry Staven, who has held four city manager positions since 1998.

* Ivan Widom, a former Seldovia City Manager who most recently was terminated from his position as city manager of Central City, Colo.

* Scott Hahn, who has since withdrawn his application.

The council was scheduled to meet Wednesday night to consider hiring an interim city manager.

Former Seldovia Chamber of Commerce Vice President Mary Glover was recently named president to fill another absence created by Weaver leaving town. In accordance with chamber bylaws, Glover then forfeited her seat on the board of directors, which was taken by Susan Mumma.

The Anchorage Daily News spelling bee was held this week at Susan B. English School, and fifth-grader Brooke Haynes took first place when she correctly spelled the word "volley," said school secretary Sandy Geagel.

Haynes beat out 15 other students in fourth through eighth grade, and for her efforts will travel to Anchorage in February for the state meet, Geagel said.

Second place went to eighth-grader Felisha Howard, who misspelled the word "studious," and third went to eighth-grader Samantha Herndon, who misspelled "devotions."

According to tallies posted on the Seldovia Virtual Post Office Web site, which can be reached from, Seldovia voters were more or less in line with the rest of the state in terms of who they elected, if not in terms of percentages of the vote.

Seldovians chose winners Ted Stevens, Don Young and Frank Murkowski, but in much closer races than occurred statewide. Fran Ulmer and Frank Murkowski nearly split the Seldovia vote, 71-69; statewide Murkowski won in a landslide.

About 150 voters turned out in Seldovia, not including absentee voters. There are 388 registered voters in Seldovia.

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