Story last updated at 1:25 p.m. Thursday, November 14, 2002

Former resident reminisces
I grew up in Homer, but when the economy crashed in 1987, we hit the road in a yellow school bus dragging behind us a dirt-colored Subaru. You may or may not remember.

I was looking at the pictures on the Homer Chamber of Commerce Web site and could envision where they were taken. Pioneer Avenue has changed a bit. It looks a little brighter than I remember, and the sidewalks wider. I would like to come back someday, but I fear Sonny and his Glacier Drive-In will be gone. I'd like to ask for another really big ice cream cone or check and see if the hot dog buns are fresh. I was quite the little snot. If Sonny is still there, he may remember.

One summer we left the harbor with my little brother asleep in the fish tote. The harbormaster decided Lee would be the catch of the day.

Most of my memories center around the fire department. Both of my parents, Dan and Jan Cross, were firefighters and EMTs. Dad still lives within walking distance of a volunteer fire department. This one is in Apple Creek, Ohio.

Is Fred Morris still fighting fires? I went to school with his son. More accurately, we were in the same class and I stayed away from the little trouble-maker. I think I still have a bit of burnt billiard ball from the night the Ya Sure Club burned down. I collected it from a puddle out front.

We lived on the corner of Bonanza and Lucky Shot. Are the giant delphiniums still there? Did the extension to Grubstake ever work? I remember the roads being a disaster when they tried it the first time. Lucky Shot transformed itself into a most glorious quagmire (as if all gravel streets in Homer don't) for quite a bit longer than necessary.

I don't think this letter has a point. I believe I'm just reminiscing in the direction of someone who knows what I'm talking about. Besides, I remembered so many things after seeing those beautiful pictures. My compliments to the photographers. P.S. Does Mr. David Mumy still teach the 5th grade?

Andrea Cross