Story last updated at 1:22 p.m. Thursday, November 14, 2002

Hold the pickles
According to Burger King, you can 'have it your way,' just not in Nome anymore. The only restaurant franchise in the city packed up its operation and left town for good late last month.

Larry Baker, franchisee of Burger King in the state of Alaska, said that the closure was due to economic factors. He wouldn't give exact economic numbers regarding the failure but said that it was widely known that the Burger King franchise has not fared well anywhere in rural Alaska.

Other locations, such as in Dutch Harbor and Kodiak, have also seen sales fall sharply after economic hardships in those communities.

The Nome BK was attached to the local Alaska Commercial store, one of the largest retailers in rural Alaska, with stores in 23 cities from Barrow to Dutch Harbor.

Dick Hodge, vice-president of A.C., said the Burger King franchise has been having financial problems for a long time, and has voluntarily pulled out of all of its A.C. locations.

--The Nome Nugget


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