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Story last updated at 5:20 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why doesn't Alaska care about its rich maritime heritage?

No other state owes so much to the ocean as Alaska, yet I am saddened that so little has been done to save your state's proud maritime heritage. Virtually nothing has been done. Going back to the U.S. Revenue Cutters Bear and Corwin, all has been lost. Even a belated effort to return the retired USCGC Storis to Alaska waters to serve as your state's first maritime museum was stymied by Tea Party politics in Washington. It was called a dreaded "earmark" and dropped mysteriously from congressional bills last year.

And now they are scrapping the former USRC Calumet in Homer, better known by its less dignified name of the tugboat Spanky Paine. Can nothing be done? With all your natural resources one would think something could be done. A boat or two set aside and saved. But I guess this is not to be. Nobody cares. Nobody.

Hon. Steven W. Lindsey

State representative

Keene, N. H.


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