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Story last updated at 5:19 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harbor users should be concerned about $6 million revenue bond

All harbor users need to be aware that a $6 million revenue bond is being fast tracked with very little public input. The bond is for miscellaneous harbor maintenance projects and a new harbor office. This bond will be paid for by increasing harbor fees on all users.

I believe the Homer Tribune was misleading when it reported that we should, "Look for a possible ballot measure" on this issue. This is a revenue bond and there is no requirement that it come up for a public vote.

The Port and Harbor committee was to discuss this bond and how it will affect harbor rates Nov. 9. The council will revisit this issue Nov. 28. Concerned harbor users should attend this meeting. At the very least, the council should commit to a ballot measure before passing this bond issue.

As a longtime harbor user, I understand the need for some of these maintenance projects. However, the harbor office alone is slated at $2.9 million. This is for office space for six people and a break room for the harbor officers. To put this in perspective, it is more than Icicle Seafoods, The Auction Block and The Fish Factory spent building their plants.

I hope to see other concerned harbor users at the meetings.

Brad Faulkner