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Story last updated at 3:32 PM on Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dark Defensemen lead standings in co-ed hockey league

The co-ed League was out in full force on Saturday night with four teams with full rosters trying to add to their season "win" totals. This was the first time these teams had played each other this year, and the games were fast paced and very competitive. First to take the ice were "Tighty Whities" and "Orange Crush-em." Both teams were looking to win their first game of the season. First period went by with many attempts and shots on goal, but only Kristen Brown was able to score for Tighty Whities, putting them on the score board 1-0. Orange Crush-em came back with a vengeance and Vaughn Duggar got a top shelf goal in the first minute of the second period. This was followed quickly by a goal by Mike Lowe for Orange Crush-em. Tighty Whities retaliated with a beautiful backhand shot by Leslie Slater, as once again the women were keeping Tighty Whities in the game. At the beginning of the third period, with the score 2-2, Orange Crush-em came out strong and Vicki Lowe brought in the big guns and scored through the 5-hole of goalie, Lydia Brown. With minutes left in the game, Tighty Whities' Steve Rich turned it up a notch and had a breakaway ending in a goal – leaving the game a tie. No shootout occurred due to time shortages.

The "Dark Defensemen" and the "Green Goons" took the ice next with some mad hockey skills. The game was off to a fast start when Steve Nevak worked magic down the ice to score for the Dark Defensemen in the first period. Chris Brown of the Green Goons took on the challenge and left his defensive position to score a top shelf goal with minutes left in the first period. The second period was fast, as both teams held their positions and no goals were scored. Goalie Lydia Brown took dozens of shots and stopped them all. Third period showed both teams fighting for the win. Andrew Snella hit the back of the net with a beautiful assist for Leslie Mastik, who was celebrating her birthday that night. With that goal, the Goons took the lead. The didn't hold it long, as Matt Stineff took the puck and decked the goalie to score for Tighty Whities moments later. The tie game remained and both teams left the ice feeling like winners. The Dark Defensemen still lead the standings for the league.

Wins Losses Ties 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 1 1
Team Stats:
Dark Defensemen
Green Goons
Orange Crush-em
Tighty Whities

The season is just getting started for anyone interested in playing, contact Ingrid Harrald at iharrald@hotmail.com. There is always room for more. This is a great opportunity for skaters of all levels.

Also, stay tuned for pond hockey and 3 on 3 tournaments coming up in December.