Story last updated at 2:36 p.m. Thursday, November 7, 2002

Truth is out there
Throughout history, the first casualty of war is truth. As our government prepares to start a war that could truly set one half of this world against the other, there are a few moments left when we can make some choices. Once the missiles fly, the dragon is unleashed and killing fuels the flames.

Our president believes that in order to make the right choices we must not know the truth. I disagree. I believe that if the American people are allowed to hear the truth we will make the right decision.

There are many sources for the truth. News services everywhere (except in the U.S.) are reporting on what's going on. Almost the entire world (besides Britain) is looking at the United States in shock. Even our western allies are considering us as "the rogue state."

Under the excuses of Saddam, Osama, and Sept. 11, we are getting away with murder, literally. Since the sanctions began in 1991, more than 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5 have died in that country, as a direct result of our actions. This is three times the number of people that died in the atomic bomb attacks on Japan.

Most of them are dying because of diarrhea. They are still dying today, because we have refused to allow water trucks to bring drinking water to them. A quiet war against innocent children that the Pentagon acknowledged even before it began. If we have "collateral damage" in the form of a cruise missile hitting a school bus, it at least makes news (if it can't be denied).

Pentagon reports from 11 years ago now made public clearly state that by destroying the water and sewage system, "diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and typhoid could occur." We have effectively (if slowly) killed 10,000 school buses full of children.

Death by diarrhea is much more difficult than death by a bomb. To ensure high child mortality, we have also put a block on vaccines for infants and children.

Even the weapons inspectors responsible for ferreting out any danger in Iraq are aghast at the actions of our country. The list of materials that we have blockaded is designed to hurt civilians.

After we made sure that agriculture was brought to a standstill, world attention finally forced us to allow grain to be imported, but now we won't allow flour grinders in. The story repeats itself over and over, and the people are dying.

Killing a half million children will not bring us security -- it only ensures that our enemies will multiply. Please look for the truth. It is easy to find, just hard to look at. Time is short.

Charlie Gibson