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Story last updated at 3:45 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Proposals should be shot down

The concerned citizens of the lower Kenai Peninsula, with the support of Homer's advisory board, express their strong opposition to proposals No. 35 and No. 36, regarding the airborne predation of wolves in game management units 15A and 15C.

Clearly the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's proposal is illegal, untimely and unsupported by scientific data. If passed by the game board at its remote and inaccessible November meeting in Barrow, it will fail its inevitable legal challenge.

While the wolf is a mighty predator, highly adaptable to opportunistic natural conditions, he is no match against the unfair chase of human predators with arms and airplanes. It is up to humans to control their own bestial and predatory behavior.

If the assigned Fish and Game representatives won't protect Alaska's wildlife, the people must rise up and do so.

Carrie Reed


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