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Story last updated at 3:43 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's guard First Amendment rights

Citizens of the United States, we need to be united and demand that police across this nation serve and protect our right to protest peacefully as our First Amendment right guarantees. Police have every right to react to the disruptive few at protests or violent protests, but not to go after unarmed peaceful protesting groups.

Many times in the last few weeks, we are hearing of police over-reacting to a few disrupters by attacking and clearing a whole group of unarmed protesters.

We the people need to call out the misuse of our police when they claim they are just following "orders" to disperse peaceful protesters.

Our country has finally started to demand truth and accountability in corporations and government and the natural result is protests and strikes. We the people cannot and should not remain silent when our right to freely assemble is being threatened.

SR Phoenix


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