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Story last updated at 3:52 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fluoride is dangerous

Here's some fun facts about fluoride as a water additive (hydrofluosilicic acid, sodium fluoride). Fluoride acts as a drug. It was used in Nazi concentration camp water to keep prisoners dumbed down and passive. It is the active ingredient in most rat poison. It is a common pesticide for food crops. It is a toxic byproduct of aluminum, phosphate (fertilizer), cement, steel and nuclear weapons manufacture.

It is not the naturally occurring form of fluoride. It's used in the majority of USA cities, produced and sold to us by China. It's given the highest rating of toxicity. Under the title of "fluoride," upward of 300 other toxic hazardous waste chemicals are included. Too toxic for landfills, it's instead put into potable water. It can be absorbed while showering, too.

That it's good for teeth is a fallacy. It is known to cause dental fluorosis (a yellowing of teeth) and bone formation damage. It's strongly linked to various cancers as well as attention deficit disorder. It's proven to cause brain damage, reduced IQ, impair memory and learning ability, reduce fertility, sterility and kidney damage. Thyroid and pineal glands are effected. Its now known to have no positive effect on tooth health, in fact to the contrary. The Centers for Disease Control and American Dental Association recommend to not give to infants or children. The American Dental Association no longer recommends its use and it is increasingly being removed from toothpaste.

What concerns me is strong pressure is under way to fluoridate our Alaska rural village waters. Anchorage is already fluoridated. Perhaps our betters lovingly know what's best for us. Research please, as well as vaccines. Enjoy the upcoming Homer health fair.

Richard Olson