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Story last updated at 3:45 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can a new political party emerge from today's Occupy Movement?

I like money. Anyone who really knows me knows I enjoy capitalism. But what I value even more is honesty and accountability and I champion the once-upon-a-time cornerstone of our republic: No one is above the law. Call me a full-fledged, unabashed egalitarian when it comes to that.

Unfortunately today, in our society, that is no longer the case. The very rich and powerful, who, as a natural born anthropologist, I like to classify as the GOP, the Greedy One Percent, literally get away with murder, torture, grand larceny and whatever other rule they want to break.

When this is pointed out to them, they blow smoke and accuse their critics of class warfare.

No, the American people are just plain, justifiably fed up. That's why the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread across the country to our own little town of Homer. God bless the heroic, stellar-patriotic folk of Occupy Homer.

What I would like to see emerge out of the Occupy Movement is a new party. I believe it should be known as The Culture of Life Party. Or perhaps it could be called the Rule of Law Party. I prefer The Culture of Life Party because I believe it's about time we square off with the angry, warped conservative movement over what a culture of life is really all about. Its first tenet would, of course, be the re-establishment of the rule of law in our country.

I want my country back. Let it be reborn.

Tim O'Leary