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Story last updated at 3:45 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angler won't come for one fish

Is one halibut worth $2,000?

Here's a question for the Homer Chamber of Commerce to think about when voting on issues pertaining to commercial fishing vs. charter fishing. Another question to ask the chamber is "Does Homer want to stay in the top 10 fishing towns in the USA?"

Being from California, I just received word that the commercial fishing industry wants to see a cutback on the charter fishing industry to just one fish per day. What does this mean to Homer coming from a guy in California?

Well, for the last nine years I have been coming to Homer in June to halibut fish. The fish I get I send home and I, hopefully, get enough to eat most of the winter. The amount I spend in Homer is about $2,000 for the three days and nights I usually stay.

Now, cut me back to one fish, and I'll buy halibut locally here in San Diego and go fish in Cabo or somewhere else.

The Homer businesses that will not be getting my business anymore are some of the following that have been receiving money from me over the years for their services: Award Charters, Bidarka Inn, Almost Home Accommodations, Alaska Beach House B&B, Salty Dog, Caribou Family Restaurant, Don Jos's, Wasabi's, Spit Sisters, Fresh Catch Cafe, Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery & Caf, Buttwackers Coal Point, Safeway, Hallo Bay Air Service, Bay Excursions, Pioneer Car Rental and Seldovia Bay Ferry.

I'm planning my fishing trip for this coming June as I write this. I hope to see that the two fish a day stays for a long time to come.

Steve Munson

San Diego, Calif.