Story last updated at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, October 31, 2002

SPH board needs accountability
The "nonmedical" suspension of Homer's only board certified surgeon, Dr. Paul Sayer, is an insult to the citizens of Homer and the surrounding communities.

Who is being penalized by this action? In my estimation, Dr. Sayer's patients are being penalized. Surely there is some "nonmedical penalty" other than suspending Dr Sayer's medical care privileges to match the "nonmedical reason" which would be more fitting.

Again, it is Dr. Sayer's patients who are suffering by depriving them of professional, competent surgical care for a 60-day period. The "medical penalty" imposed by the South Peninsula Hospital Operating Board and the CEO of SPH impacts Dr. Sayer's patients by forcing them to be transported to other facilities or delaying their surgeries, thereby risking medical complications.

The leadership provided by the CEO and self-appointed operating board should be questioned seriously. The citizens who volunteer for this board are to be commended.

However, the leadership provided by this self-appointed, non-elected board and the CEO may be "responsive" to, but is not responsible to the community it is supposed to serve. It is a self-appointed board whose members simply decide to continue serving, have no accountability to the community for decisions made, and, in this case, a board which has made a very bad decision.

The "leadership" provided by the CEO of the hospital has failed the community he serves. If this is the kind of medical care the CEO provides the community by depriving Homer's citizens of timely medical care for their surgical needs, it is way past time for a change of leadership at the top of SPH -- at several levels.

Joe Hannigan, Colonel, USAF (Ret.), Fritz Creek