Story last updated at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, October 31, 2002

Hospital decision questioned
Our area has been fortunate in the past to have the expertise and lifetime experience in the medical department. But, dear people, it seems the South Peninsula Hospital Board of Directors and administration have another agenda in mind, instead of giving good knowledgeable care. They have given a decision of 60 days suspension to practice surgery to Dr. Paul Sayer, a man of great knowledge and experience in the field of surgery.

Now, I ask you, why would they retreat into the nether section of incompetency to do a trick such as that? Does this decision of the SPH board and administration come to feel they can have secret decision-making meetings and documents just like the Homer city officials did in their bid for 25 square miles to be annexed as part of Homer.

The goings-on of the SPH board and administration (since it is a tax-based entity) should have open, non-secret meetings, since it does affect many of us out here as John Q. Public.

I did not approve of the city of Homer's actions in its vie for annexation, not a little, and I don't approve of the hospital board and administration's decision to suspend Dr. Sayer.

Dr. Sayer's ability to be a top-notch surgeon is a proven item. When my husband was so ill and had to travel to Anchorage, he was welcomed by the doctors there, as they knew Dr. Sayer was competent and highly recommended. They stated Dr. Sayer was the best you could get for care and/or surgery.

Dr. Sayer has saved my life several times in the past with surgeries he performed on me. I'd not be here if he hadn't had the wonderful ability and experience. I find it very hard to have assurance and ease of mind to hear the SPH board and administration will hire a surgeon to take Dr. Sayer's place. How do I know how much training and/or experience this temporary person has?

I'd much prefer the peace of mind in knowing Dr. Sayer was the one working on me. Dr. Sayer needs to be reinstated and an apology given to him immediately.

Also, I hope when you (John Q. Public) hear of this misalignment of justice that you will have the fortitude to stand up and let the board and administration of SPH know you feel this injustice and contact them with your opinion.

Vada L. Moore, Anchor Point